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Mathematics Volume 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

Sl. No. Research Paper Title Author(s)
1 Steady laminar generalized plane couette flow between two parallel plates under the inflience of uniform transverse magnetic field Anand Swarup Sharma, M. P. Singh & A. B. Chandramouli
2 Infinitesiml transformations of compact K-spaces with vanishing K K. S. Rawat & Nitin Uniyal
3 A deterministic inventory model with marketing parameters and stock dependent demand rate Naresh Kumar Agarwal, Subhash Singh Yadav & Anil Kumar Sharma
4 Time of get aids after HIV infection – A stochastic approach D. Victorselan & R. Jaisankar
5 Steady fluid flow of motion through porous meduim M. P. Singh & Sandeep Kumar Tiwari
6 Lexicographic goal programming model formulation and calculation of diet planning A.K. Bhargava, Divya Bansal, A.B. Chandramouli & Arun Kumar
7 Fuzzy transportation problems with mixed constraints A. Nagoor Gani, A. Edward Samuel & L. Francis Raj
8 RGLCR-continuous functions Vishnu & Dr. Bhopal Singh Sharma
9 Irrotational unsteady flow of viscous incompressible fluid through porous medium M. P. Singh & Sandeep Kumar Tiwari
10 On generalized recurrent and ricci recurrent trans-sasakian manifolds S.S. Pujar & S.S. Naik
11 About a generalization of brian fisher fixed point theorem K.K.M. Sarma
12 Irrotational motion of an incompressible viscous fluid through porous medium Sandeep Kumar Tiwari & M.P. Singh
13 Directed edge graceful labeling of flag and the graph JEm, n Dr. B. Gayathri & V. Vanitha
14 On weak symmetries of Lorentzian trans-sasakian manifolds S.S. Pujar & V.J. Khairnar
15 Numerical modeling of combined free and forced convection flow with SPM past a vertical plate S. K. Mishra & S.S. Bishoyi
16 Steady laminar generalized plane couette flow between two parallel plates through porous medium under the influence of uniform transverse magnetic field Anand Swrup Sharnla, M.P. Singh & AB. Chandramouli
17 Coincidences and fixed points in influitionistic fuzzy metric spaces Sandeep Bhatt & Smita Joshi
18 ωI-closed sets via local function N. Chandramathi & aK. Bhuvaneshvari
19 Bulk viscous bianchi type III cosmological mode of the universe and deceleration parameter Shailendra Kumar Tripathi & R. K. Dubey
20 Effect of rivlin-ericksen fluid on unsteady laminar free convective flow along a moving porous hot vertical plate with thermal diffusion and mass transfer Pavan Sharma, Dr. C. B. Gupta & N.K. Varshney
21 Study of mild-stenosis effect on blood flow using casson fluid model Vandana Agrahari
22 ga-separatton axioms S. Balasubramanian & M. Lakshmi Sarada
23 Steady flow in pipes of elliptic cross-section through porous medium Anand Swrup Sharma, M. P. Singh & A. B. Chandramouli
24 Transformation of stress and strain analysis Vishvas Chand, Dr. M. P. Singh & Dr. Rajendra Kumar
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