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Mathematics Volume 3 (2014)

Table of Contents

Sl. No. Research Paper Title Author(s)
1 Basic Concepts and Some Applications of Fractional Calculus Dr. R. P. Pathak & Piyusha S. Somvanshi
2 Cartesian Product of BE/CI-Algebras with Essences and Atoms Kulajit Pathak, Pulak Sabhapandit & Biman Ch. Chetia
3 Impac of Corruption a Mathematical approach using corruption precision index Sindhu Jain
4 On Cover Pebbling Graphs A. Punitha Tharani & G. Hari Siva Annam
5 Ultrasonic wave instability in a n-type degenrate thermopiezo-semiconducting medium – A numerical approach Dr. Pravat Kumar Mandal
6 On the Construction of Hadamard matrices of order 4n (n odd, n>=3) with Hadamard blocks of order 4 Mithilesh Kumar Singh and Sheer Nihal Topno
7 A Speical case in Network – G. P. on optimistic time estimate Kanduri Venkata Lakshmi Narasimhacharyulu & I. Pothuraju
8 Dually Distributive Subsemilattice R. Subbulakshmi and R. Natarajan
9 On mx – Almost Irresolute Functions A. P. Dhanabalan & R. Buvaneswari
10 Effect of slip velocity on fluid flow in a channel of varying cross-section Syed Waseem Raja, M. V. Ramanamurthy, P. Muthu and Mohd Abdul Rahim
11 Some new Balanced Block Intersection Designs from Willamson Matrices Mithilesh Kumar Singh and Dinesh Prasad
12 A time dependent radial flow of a viscous liquid in a porus mediun containing a contracting sphere Mohd. Naheed, N. Ch. Pattabhiramacharyulu & Shahnaz Bathul
13 pg* – Normal Spaces Poonam Sharma, Umesh Chand and M. C. Sharma
14 A Common fixed point theorem for a class of non-compatible mappings R. P. Pathak, Rajlaxmi Gupta and S. D. Diwan
15 A Newly Identity-Based Authenticated Protocol in Eliptic Curve Cryptography Adesh Kumari, Vinod Kumar & Ashok Kumar
16 Standard Subsemilattice R. Natarajan & R. Subbulakshmi
17 Arithemetic Progression in Operations Research (PERT) – A Special case study Kanduri Venkata Lakshmi Narasimhacharyulu & P. Prasanna Ananeyulu
18 Exact Static Spherically Symmetric Solution of Einstein’s Field Equations with Specified Equation of State Abhishek Kumar Singh, Vinod Kumar and Mukeksh Kumar
19 Steady Laminar Flow between Two Parallel Plates in Magnetic Field Dr. Anand Swrup Sharma
20 Neutral l-Filters in l-Near Ring M. Ayyappan and R. Natarajan
21 On two Diophantine equations 3x + 2y = z2 and 3x+3y = z2 P. Jayakumar & P. Reka
22 Heat of mixing of the Binary Liquid Alloys of Magnesium R. N. Yadav & S. K. Chakrabarti
23 Standard l-filter in l-Near Ring M. Ayyappan and R. Natarajan
24 Problem on a Liquid occupying the space between two co-axial Circularly Cylinders in Magnetic Field Dr. Anand Swrup Sharma
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