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NEP Microbiology and Plant Pathology (MU Charaya, Vijai Malik, Vasundhara Arora)Sem-1st

NEP Microbiology and Plant Pathology (MU Charaya, Vijai Malik, Vasundhara Arora)Sem-1st

NEP Microbiology and Plant Pathology (MU Charaya, Vijai Malik, Vasundhara Arora)Sem-1st


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  • Pages: pages
  • EditionI
  • Year: 2022
  • : ISBN:978-93-5531-214-3
  • Publisher: Pragati Prakashan
    CONTENTS:- Unit-I : Indian Botanists and Instrumentation : Indian Botanists : Ancient and Modern; Microscopy; Tools and Techniques in A Microbiology Lab; Unit-II : Microbial World : Structure of Microbial Cells; Bacterial Cell and Chemotaxis; Microbial Growth and Quorum Sensing; Reproduction in Bacteria; Viruses, Viroids and Prions; Mycoplasmas, Phytoplasmas and Actinobacteria; Unit-III : Phycology : Algae : Introduction and General Account; Classification of Algae; Cyanophyta (Cyanophyceae) : Nostoc; Chlorophyta : Volvox, Chlorella, Hydrodictyon, Oedogonium And Chara; Phaeophyceae : Ectocarpus, Sargassum; Rhodophyta : Polysiphonia; Economic Importance of Algae; Algae : General Topics; Unit-IV : Mycology : The “fungi”—An Introduction; Economic Importance of Fungi; Classification of Fungi; Myxomycota (Slime Moulds); Mastigomycotina (Now Chytridiomycota)–Synchytrium; Zygomycota (Zygomycotina)–Rhizopus; Ascomycota (Ascomycotina) : Saccharomyces, Penicillium, Peziza; Basidiomycota (Basidiomycotina) : Ustilago, Puccinia, Agaricus; Deuteromycotina : Fusarium, Alternaria; General Topics; Unit-V : Mushroom Cultivation, Lichenology and Mycorrhizae : Cultivation of Mushrooms; Lichens; Mycorrhizae; Unit-VI : Plant Pathology : Plant Pathology : Basic Concepts; A Brief History of Plant Pathology; Disease Cycle; Mechanism of Infection; Plant Defense Against Pathogens; Pesticides for Plant Disease Management; Unit-VII : Diseases and Control : Some Important Plant Diseases; Plant Disease Management; Unit-VIII : Applied Microbiology : Microbes in Food Industry; Antibiotics & Recombinant Vaccines; Microbes in Agricultural Technology; Single Cell Proteins; Environmental Microbiology; Microbes and Technology

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    Edition No
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    ISBN 978-93-5531-214-3
    ISBN 9789355312143
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    Author M.U. CHARAYA

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