Pragati.. means progress – not only ours but of all the sections of society, by providing globally equipped study material with up-to-date knowledge, to meet the requirements of everyone.


PRAGATI PRAKASHAN was established in the year 1955 by Mr. K. K. Mittal. We started by publishing books of Mathematics in English and Hindi for Class XII. In 1964, we started publishing books on Mathematical Physics by an Indian author, Dr. B. S. Rajput, ex-Vice Chancellor of Kumaon, and Garhwal University (Garhwal). Our publication was the 1st publication in India to introduce books for post graduate students by Indian authors. Thereafter, we published Hand Book of Electronics and topics-wise books for M. Sc. Chemistry, Mahtematics and Physics written by eminent authors.


In 1975, we formed a society for the progress of science under the dynamic guidance of world renowned mathematician Dr. J. N. Kapoor, then Vice Chancellor of Meerut University. Through this society we started publishing an International Research Journal “ACTA CIENCIA INDICA” in fields of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The journal has, over the period, become a renowned name in the field of International Research periodicals.


The same year we also stepped in the field of books on Environmental Science. Our first book, on this subject, was crafted by the author Dr. V.P. Kudesia (D. Sc). Thereafter, we published about 15 books on environmental science by eminent directors, Professors and Scientists.


In 1982, we ventured into books on professional courses. We published books on production and operational management, written by Dr. B.S. Goel, Director (presently Chairman) of Institute of Professional Excellence and Management, Ghaziabad. Dr. B. S. Goel was the first Indian author willing to write on the subject.


In 2000, U.P. Technical University, came into being and to meet the requirements of the blooming technocrats we published 20 titles for various courses. In the same year, we published books on Information Technology, which are, to-date, unique in their composure and are prescribed in various Indian Universities and Institutes as text books and reference books.


Our panel comprises of more than 160 authors of eminence, placed at glorious positions in their respective fields in India and abroad as Vice Chancellors of dignified universities, Directors of Higher Education, Directors, Chairpersons of Institutes, Principals, University Professors, Heads of Faculties and free lancing authors of repute.


We specialize in publishing books for Graduate and Post-Graduate students in various fields like Management, Engineering etc. Our books cover courses of almost all Indian Universities and colleges. In addition, we publish a number of books for various competitive entrance examinations for Engineering and Medical colleges and Institutes. Till date we have published more than 600 titles which enjoy wide publicity and have received appreciation from around the world.


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